Friday, July 14, 2006

Rethinking and Redefining Retirement Biblically

Rethinking and Redefining Retirement Biblically

I find it interesting that within the Bible there is no concept of retirement. Work for all me for all time and for all of life is the Biblical call in the creational ordinance. Retirement is not an option for the believer since it is not a Christian concept. If one wants to hold to a retirement concept it must de redefined since it cannot be interrepted as a cessation from work. therefore you may define that retirement time in your life as a change from one field of work focus to another. (Example: Carpenter to security officer, banker to farmer, garbage collector to missionary, etc.)

The work / worship pattern is established until the Lord returns.I f there is a time when you no longer work as a carpenter, mason, office worker, C.E.O., etc then you can employee yourself in the work of the church.

Even widows over sixty are to be employed in the church (1 Tim. 5). There are always labors to be done: prayer, letter writing, visiting, mission work, newsletter / pamplet production, etc.When we come in to the New Testament and read the passages concerning work in Colossians and in Ephesians it is easy to formulate what has been known as the Biblical work ethic.

To work for any other reason than the work ethic of the Bible is to make work a horrible onerious chore wherein there will be no real enjoyment in the work performed. Any working for a monetary accomplishment only makes work a misery rather than an enjoyment. The work at home, school and office or on a job site will only be enjoyable and pleasant according to how work is viewed and how well one follows and understands the biblical work ethic.


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