Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Were You Aware That God Is Still Blessing The USA?
Happy Fourth of July

1. In these great United States we have seen the blessing of God upon this Christian nation?
He has continued to establish, protect and preserve us as is promised in the covenant of preseveration (Gen. 9). We are continually established, protected and presevered in our:

Work and / or Labor

2. Truly our nation is more Christianized than we think for our representative government was set up after the pattern of the representative patters of the government of the Church.

3. The United States has millions of Christians. In our great nation we can see the advancment of Christ's Church!

4. WE truly do live in liberty!

Happy Fourth of July!!!!

God bless you,


At 11:24 AM, Blogger Ioan said...

I enjoy reading your blog Steve, please keep it up. We in Wales feel special too, we see God's hand working and see Him in our beautiful country, in the high hills and the mountains and in the creaures He has made. We see Him in the sunlight and in the light rain and in the four seasons, so special. Our history is special to us, and He has been with our people since early times, probably 1st century A.D. God limites the evil of this world so that we survive and brig children into the world, God counters 'toatl devravity' by His will, his hand stays the evil of every day so we continue and His elect are called put of darkness.
blessings Steve
your pal from Wales


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