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9 - 30- 06 Monthly News Letter

9/30/06 News Letter

Our Purpose:

The purpose of this blogsite is for basic Christian practical and biblical theological practical Christian living. We believe the Bible is sufficient and has practical answers on living a progressively sanctified life. Even in this we fine many times Christians find themselves confused or not clear in understanding how to think or respond biblically in many difficult real life situations. Since, therefore, we believe the Bible is sufficient in all matters pertaing to doctrine, life and godliness itis our desire to bring to the Christian community a look at the Scriptures to dispel the confusion as well as be able to help all that need God’s answers to life situations and difficulties.

AS always we invite you to visit and read the articles as you face issues and problems in life in order to learn and to recall what to do regarding different circumstances that happen. Feel free to revisit the articles that give biblical and godly directives. The site has 453 plus articles for the Christian community to read and learn in a pleasant and instructive format. Almost all of this is focused upon practical Christian living with biblical directives. May God bless you as you read and learn from His word.

The Month Of September:

I do hope all have hada wonderful month of September. I have enjoyed it very much. The cooler weather brings a refreshing time for me to think about life, love, and faith.

I have been thinking about my life and just how short it truly is. Am I living it to the glory of God and is so then what does that mean? Do I love others as I should? How am I communicating with each of my loved ones? I have come to the conclusion that life is not about me but it is about all of God’s wonderful world! How we live, how we love and how we practice our faith in God’s world is what life is truly all about. This has been refreshing to me as I hope it will be too you. It is so refreshing and renewing to me that I am taping hours of conversation about life to my grandson. Perhaps in a couple months I will share some of those communications with you!

As regular readers of this blogsite I am sure you have noticed that this month we have been focusing on the basics of the faith in a systematic manner. Some may see this as as a "departure" from our other focus of practical Christian living. While we still feel this is practical Christianity many writers focus only upon systematic theology or upon their private thinking and thereby they create a failure to bring theology to bear upon ones life practically. This blogsite however is committed to Scripture Alone and we understand the scriptures purpose in both doctrine and practice. We beleive that all practical theology is an outworking of biblically based systematic and narriative theology. Now in looking at the whole summary of the main themes of Scripture in systematic theology we are using the Westminster Confession of Faith (WCF) since it is an ecumenical church document laying down a summary of the Christian faith. We at Doctrines Of Grace believe it is important that we know what the faith is in order to be able to defend it as well as live to and for the Glory of God. It is important that we get its primary teaching under our belt so that we can stand in the day of evil and live lives to the glory of our King. Therefore we will continue this in the month of October in order that you have a reference place to come to and learn of the overall teaching and instruction of the Bible in a systematic manner.

Thus far we have covered these systematic theological topics:

WCF 1 - The Sufficient Scriptures

WCF 2 – The True and Living Triune God

WCF 3 – Our Predetermining God

WCF 4 – God’s Glorious Creation; Man’s Great World

WCF 5 – Our God And Creator Works to Provide For His Creation To His Own Glory

WCF 6- The Fall, Its Effects, Punishment and A Glorious Amazing Work of Grace

WCF 7– Mercy Understood

WCF 8- Presenting Our Glorious Savior (Prophet, Priest, King)

WCF 9 – Living Naturally!

WCF 10 - God’s Call: A Commitment To The Elect

WCF 11- Not Guilty

WCF 12 – Children Of The Living God!

WCF 13 - Saved, Sealed and Sanctified!

WCF 14 – Faith, A Mighty Work of Grace in The Believer or (Part One Of The Components Of Conversion)

WCF 15 - Repentance, A Mighty Work of Evangelical Grace in The Believer or (Part Two Of The Components Of Conversion)

WCF 16 – Yuck! We Have To Look At Good Works? YES or (To This We Have Been Saved To)

WCF 17 – Securely Preserved Based Upon the Grace of God

WCF 18 – Assured By God

Suggested Blog Reading Outline

While appreciating the medium of blogs we feel it would be better if we could move our blogs into more systematic and orderly headings. While not being able to do that here is good outline of the blogs and their headings so that you may be able to read by topic or ina systematic manner. We will update this at the end of each month. Finally with over 440 different blog entries and subjects (and growing) of study in Practical Christian Living theology we present the following suggested outline in reading this blog site so that it does not become confusing to you. Here is a suggested outline:

I. God’s Gift of Grace Applied

1. Grace, Grace, God’s Grace

2. The Covenant of Grace - Hodge

3. The New Birth and Conversion: The True Biblical Salvation

4. God’s Orderly Work of Salvation

5.Foreknowledged Defined

6. Christ The Lord

7. The Providence of God Brings Comfort To Believers

8. Perseverance of the Saints

9. Calvinism

10. Jesus Had The Power To Sin But Did Not Have The Character To Sin

11. A Follow-up Explaination off “Jesus Had The Power To Sin But Did Not Have The
Character To Sin”

12. A Critical Look At the Emerging Church Movement w/ Catechism Editing A Critical Look At the Emerging Church Movement by: Phil Johnson (Catechism Editing By Steve Horne)

13. Infants In The Celestial City!

14. Salvation

15. Christian Tracts

16. Why Did the Son of God Come?

17. Why All Things Work For Good

18. Justification- Salvation By Grace Through Faith

19. Decisional Regeneration

20. Salvation- God Rescues His People

21. All Of Grace

22. Perseverance Of The Saints

23. A Critical Look At the Emerging Church Movement by Phil Johnson 2006 -----Catechism
EditingBy Steve Horne

24. Dualism is Heresey

25. Five Points of Calvinism

II. The Doctrine of Sola Scriptura

1. Sola Scriptura in Doctrine and Practice (Part 1)

2. Sola Scriptura And Orthopraxy (Part 2)

3. Sola Scriptura and Orthopraxy: Establishes "Philosophy of Ministry" (Part 3)

4. Sola Scriptura and Orthopraxy: In Doctrine, Church Polity, Worship, and More (Part 4)

5. Sola Scriptura and Orthopraxy: In Our Worship and Christian Living (Part 5)

III. The Church, Communion and Day Of Worship, Etc.

1. Identifying the Church

2. The Importance Of Church Membership

3. The Holy Spirit and the Church

4. Leadership and Unity in the Kingdom of God

5. Bible Instruction Must Be Under The Authority of the Church

6. The Keys, Who Has Them?

7. The Baptism Of Our Sinless Saviour

8. Baptismal Exhortation

9. Infant Baptism Does the Bible Teach It

10. The Sins of Rebaptism and Of Leaving One's Baby Unbaptized

11. Confusion, Not God's Way So IT Can BE Cleared Up – Baptismal Confusion

12. True Communion

13. Glorifying God

14. The Lord’s Wonderful Day

15. Thinking Deacon

16. What Type Of Church Did The Apostles Attend

17. Are We Catholics?

18. What Think Ye Of Mary

19. God’s Word Filtered!

20. Visible and Invisible Church

21. Oil in the Vessel

22. The true Church

23. The “true Church” Syndrome

24. How Did John Bunyan View Baptism?

25. Where Did Baptists Originate?

26. Gifts! …. From God? (Part 1)

27. Gifts! …. From God? (Part 2)

28. Baptismal Regeneration

29. Did You Know? Are You Shocked?

30. The Keys Who Has Them?

31. The Lord’s Supper ….. Why Not Weekly?

IV. Christian Witnessing

1. Called To Confess Christ In Word And As A Living Letter

2. Listening for Gospel Opportunities

3. Let's Evangelize

4. Creationism.

5. Merry Christiman

6. Why Do We Witnes To Muslims?

7. What is Pelagianism?

8. If Any

9. Why Did The Son Of God Come?

10. The Myth of Freewill

11. Abomination – Often Used And Misunderstood

12. God’s Mighty Promises

13. Aggressive Christianity? God’s Plan For You? …. You Betcha!

14. Renewing Your Mind .. With R.C. Sproul

15. The Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion – Written for a Wonderful Purpose

V. God’s Guidance and the Tools of Faith

1. Guided … by God?

2. Tools of the Faith

3. Canon - God’s Word Filtered!

4. Favorite Hymns

5. More Favorite Hymns

6. The Bible God’s Word To Us

7. Progressive Sanctification – Growing in Grace, Cooperation With God

8. Can We Use Eastern Language In Our Prayer And Devotional Life

9. We Must Be Holy

10. Much Study Is Wearisome

VI Practical Christian Living to Glorify God

A. About Biblical Counseling

1. What is Nouthetic Counseling – Jay Adams

2. Christ And Your Problems

3. Counseling and Special Revelation

4. The Sovereignity of God in Counseling

5. Is There Any Difference In Biblical Counseling?

6. Christian Counseling Change vs. Change

7. Godliness through Discipline – Jay Adams

8. Guided! … By God?

9. From Uselessness To Usefulness

10. One Anothering

11. Not Controling But Loving and Serving

12. Guidance When You are Just Not Sure What To Do

13. Biblical View of Self Esteem

14. What Do You Do When Anger Gets The Upper Hand?

15. God Has A Plan

16. God is Always in Control

17. Counseling Encourages Talebearing

18. The Power of Relationships

19. You Can Help One Another

20. TULIPGIRL. Com for the Ladies

B. Work

1. Biblical Principals of Work and the Biblical Work Ethic (A Seven Part Series)

2. What Christians May Do

3. Everybody Works for God

4. From Uselessness To Usefulness

5. Discontentment

6. Occupational Search – A Biblical View

C. Forgivness

1. Our Basic Duty – Forgive the Repentant

2. A Look At Commitment

3. The Need To Forgive

4. What is Forgivness?

5. From Unpardonable to Pardonable

6. From Uselessness To Usefulness

7. Being Angry for the Purpose Of Problem Resolution

8. One Anothering

9. The Purpose of Forgiveness

10. Aggressive Christianity? God’s Plan For You? …. You Betcha!

D. Worry, Guilt And Depression

1. Worry: A Serious Life Issue Which Must Be Broken

2. How Is Your Conscience?

3. What To Do With Guilt

4. Godliness Through Discipline

5. Calvin and Anxiety

6. From Unpardonable to Pardonable

7. What If I Find Hypocricy in Me?

8. What Do You Do When You Become Depressed?

9. God Has A Plan

10. Anger (# 1)

11. Anger (# 2)

12. Impatience and Idolatry

13. Keeping the Heart

14. Learning The Basics On Identifying, Handling, Overcoming And Eliminating Depression

E. What To Do With Evil

1. Overcoming Evil – Jay Adams

2. The Evil of Backbiting and Evil Speaking

3. Gossips

4. Aggressive Christianity? God’s Plan For You? …. You Betcha!

F. Sex Issues

1. Thoughts on Biblical Sexuality and in Overcoming Sexual Difficulty

2. The Power of Relationships ( The Bible on personal Influences)

3. The Purpose of Forgiveness

4. Resolcing Suxual Difficulties in the 21st Century

5. The Power OF Relationships

6. Can You Answer These Questions? (For Husbands)

G. Addictions

1. AA Doctrines Compared with the Scriptures

2. Thoughts on Biblical Sexuality and in Overcoming Sexual Difficulty

3. The Power OF Relationships

H. Death and Dying & Health

1. Proper Thinking At the Time of A Death and / Or At A Funeral

2. A Saint Looks At Death

3. Being Thankful For Pain

4. To Oil or Not To Oil

5. Infants In The Celestial City? .. Yo Betcha!

I. Communication

1. Handling Doctrinal Disagreement

2. The Evil of Backbiting and Evil Speaking

3. Is IT Right To Judge

4. The Purpose of Forgiveness

5. Can You Answer These Questions? (For Husbands)

VII. My Most Precious Faith (10 Parts) Written for my Children and Place Here To Encourage You As You Disciple Your Children in the Most Holy Faith

1. My Most Prescious Faith -

2. My Most Precious Faith –

3. My Most Precious Faith – Belief of A Christian

4. My Most Precious Faith – Concerning the Sacraments

5. My Most Precious Faith – Living in Grace and Gratitude

6. My Most Precious Faith – Our Duty to God

7. My Most Precious Faith – Our Duty to Men

8. My Most Precious Faith – Prayer Our Duty and

9. My Most Precious Faith – The Lord’s Coming Again

10. My Most Precious Faith - Conclusion………

IX. Miscellaneous.

1. A Request Humble Honored

2. Judy Rogers Music – Giving The Best To Your Children

3. Proverbs Themes:

a. Patience

b. Discipline

c. Self Image

d. Wisdome

e. Accountability

f. Honesty

g. Instant Living and Its Down Fall

h. Friendshipi. Family (Father, Mother, Children)

i. The Simplek The Tongue

j. Laziness

k. Abomination

4. Spurgeon

a. Are You Sure You Like Spurgeon?

5. Two Dozen Facts about Spurgeon

Twelve Proofs Spurgeon Believed in Uncoditional Election


The Christian

Feeding Sheep or Amusing Goats

The Riches of Spurgeon

A Sin For Which There Is No Excuse


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