Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Gifts! .... From God? (Part 2)

Gifts! … From God? Gifts For Our Children (Part Two)

Developing Our Children’s Gifts

Our children being in the Church, and God;s people, also have gifts given to them by God. As parents it is important that we parent properly in order fulfill our responsibility developing our children’s individual gifts. Parents are often heard saying, “My children are so different from one another it is hard to believe they are from the same family.” Why is that? Well simply put it is that God has given your children different gifts for His glory, the advancement of his kingdom and for the service of others.

As parents we must be cautious not to place more stress or bring more awareness on one child’s gifts over the others. Twins get this a lot. Remember mom considering it cute or clever when they did not give you your own personal identity but in all things they stressed the similarities between you and your brother or sister by even dressing you alike. Wise parents will the fact that each child, twin or not, is a unique person with his (or her) God-given gifts. As Paul stated in 1 Corinthians 12 each one has a unique combination of gifts, possessed by none of the other children or possibly no one else. There will be similarities but the gifts are uniquely given by the Holy Spirit Himself and those must be acknowledged and developed. These gifts are there to fill a place in the body of Christ that only he or she can. We parents must work to help them discover them and then to lead the children to strengthen, and emphasize those unique gifts.

All children, must be worked with individually by parents and Church leaders so that the do not just merely blend in merely as members of the family or the Church “crowd”. All children need time alone (and that often) with each parent in the family and with the elders in the Church so that they are able to contribute as their gifts develop no matter how brief that time may be. Those parents and church leaders that address their children only as a group, or in a group setting, are missing vital opportunities for blessings.

In every setting the child is placed in whether family , Church, School, etc. the children need some one on one in order that they have opportunity to be heard, loved, heard, and cared for as the unique gifted individuals that they truly are. We who are parents know that your child is at his best when you and he / she are together alone. Many times this is when one discovers, strengthens, and proper emphasis can be placed upon the unique gifts of the child.

Now children many times do not understand why someone may not have done something like they did. In this they may tend to complain about others. This must be countered by pointing out the variety of gifts distributed among believers. That there are differences of gifts cautions parents not to push for conformity of life styles when the variety in life style comes from the differing gifts of each child. To do so is to attempt to thwart the Spirit's plans and purposes for the children and the Church at large. Instead of complaints due to lack of “conformity” there must be a replaced communication and mindset with compliments must be replaced by complemental communication and action as they recognize the use of the gifts of th Holy Spirit in the life of the other children and people as they function in unity with the other members of the body (cf. I Cor. 12:14ff.).

Each child has their own gifts and abilities therefore they are to understand that they can have their own help and service (ministry) to people of all ages (I Corinthians 12:4-6). The children must learn that it is not proper to say "There is no place for me to help.” If the child does that then the parents, pastors, teachers must help them find their place so they can be happily productive.

In conclusion Christian parents please focus on helping your children develop, discover and use their God given gift (s). In this they will see their life in the Kingdom of God as satisfying, having meaning and productive.


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