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WCF 28: The Scriptures Are Clear the True Church Performs Baptisms or (Baptism: Sacrament Number One)

WCF 28: The Scriptures Are Clear the True Church Performs Baptisms or (Baptism: Sacrament Number One)

Chapter 28: Of Baptism

28:1 Baptism is a sacrament of the New Testament, ordained by Jesus Christ (Mat_28:19), not only for the solemn admission of the party baptized into the visible Church (1Co_12:13); but also, to be unto him a sign and seal of the covenant of grace (Rom_4:11 with Col_2:11, Col_2:12), of his ingrafting into Christ (Rom_6:5; Gal_3:27), of regeneration (Tit_3:5), of remission of sins (Mar_1:4), and of his giving up unto God through Jesus Christ, to walk in newness of life (Rom_6:3, Rom_6:4). Which sacrament is, by Christ’s own appointment, to be continued in His Church until the end of the world (Mat_28:19, Mat_28:20).

28:2 The outward element to be used in this sacrament is water, wherewith the party is to be baptized, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, by a minister of the Gospel, lawfully called thereunto (Mat_3:11; Mat_28:19, Mat_28:20; Joh_1:33).

28:3 Dipping of the person into the water is not necessary: but Baptism is rightly administered by pouring or sprinkling water upon the person (Mar_7:4; Act_2:41; Act_16:33; Heb_9:10, Heb_9:19-22).

28:4 Not only those that do actually profess faith in and obedience unto Christ (Mar_16:15, Mar_16:16; Act_8:37, Act_8:38), but also the infants of one or both believing parents, are to be baptized (Gen_17:7, Gen_17:9 with Gal_3:9, Gal_3:14, and Col_2:11, Col_2:12, and Act_2:38, Act_2:39, and Rom_4:11, Rom_4:12; Mat_28:19; Mar_10:13-16; Luk_18:15; 1Co_7:14).

28:5 Although it be a great sin to contemn or neglect this ordinance (Luk_7:30 with Exo_4:24-26), yet grace and salvation are not so inseparably annexed unto it, as that no person can be regenerated or saved without it (Act_10:2, Act_10:4, Act_10:22, Act_10:31, Act_10:45, Act_10:47; Rom_4:11); or, that all that are baptized are undoubtedly regenerated (Act_8:13, Act_8:23).

28:6 The efficacy of Baptism is not tied to that moment of time wherein it is administered (Joh_3:5, Joh_3:8); yet notwithstanding, by the right use of this ordinance, the grace promised is not only offered, but really exhibited and conferred, by the Holy Ghost, to such (whether of age or infants) as that grace belongeth unto, according to the counsel of God’s own will, in His appointed time (Act_2:38, Act_2:41; Gal_3:27; Eph_5:25, Eph_5:26; Tit_3:5).

28:7 The sacrament of Baptism is but once to be administered unto any person (Tit_3:5).

Summary statements we are taught:

A. Baptism Is A Sacrament (WCF 28.1)

B. What Baptism Means (WCF 28.1)

C. The Proper Means Of Administering Baptism (WCF 28.2-3)

D. Baptism In To Be Continue In The Church Of God (WCF 28.2-4)

E. Immersion Is Not Essential To Baptism (WCF 28.3)

F. No Particular Mode Is Commanded In Scripture (WCF 28.3)

G. The Proper Subjects Of Baptism Are Believing Parents And Their Children (WCF 28.4)

H. It Is An Error To Neglect The Sacrament Of Baptism (WCF 28.5)

I. Salvation Is Not Absolutely Inseparable From Baptism (WCF 28.6)

J. Salvation Is Not Guaranteed By Baptism (WCF 28.6)

K. The Efficacy Of Baptism Is Not Tied To The Time Of The Administration Of The Baptism Performed (WCF 28.6)

L. Baptism Is To Be Administered But Once According To The Bible (WCF 28.7)


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