Wednesday, June 21, 2006

God's Word "Filtered"!


Kanon = a rod, staff or ruler…..a measuring rod. This Greek word may be a derivative of the Hebrew word kaneh (Ezek. 40:3-42:16) Therefore there was a norm by which something was measured. Paul understood the meaning of this word in Gal 6:16.

So it is and was in recognizing the inspired scripture. God was not pleased to give us a book that contained all 66 books at one time. He chose in his good pleasure to use men throughout history to write about his salvation, leading and working with his people. He used the personalities and feelings of the writers in the inspiration of His word. He used them in their time in history. Therefore it was not possible to give one book at creation and it be called the inspired Bible. Therefore His people must recognize his word. “How, you may ask, did the Church discover or recognize a book or the particular books of the Bible as being His word?” Several natural “filters” were naturally applied to ensure recognition. These were:

A. Is the writing authoritative? = Is it a divine, “Thus saith the Lord”

B. Is it prophetic” written by a man of God? = Was he in the mainstream redemptive revelation being an apostle or prophet? (Gal. 1:1-24; 2:4)

C. Is it authentic? = Does it tell the truth about God, Messiah / Christ, Man, Grace, Faith, Etc.?

D. Does the Book have the power of God, Is it Dynamic? = Is it life transforming? Is it living and active and able to make one wise unto salvation?

E. Was it received? = Has it been accepted by the people of God? This was done, in many or most instances ever before any formal universal official confirmation. (Note: the Church at large did not have e-mail)

All of the books of the Bible have met the standard. Most were recognized immediately while only a few had to be looked at in more detail for they required a greater discernment. Thank God for now there is no doubt but that God has spoken in all 66 books of the Bible. All the “filters” were met. So we can listen as God speaks! And He speaks through His inspired word.


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