Saturday, May 06, 2006

How Is Your Conscience?

How Is Your Conscience?

Within the Bible it is easy to pick out 4 types of conscience. They are:

1. A Seared Conscience

2. An Untrained Conscience

3. A Weak Conscience

4. A Biblical Trained Conscience

1. The Seared Conscience-
The seared conscience is a conscience that has been activated by biblical truth but, is no longer activated by biblical criteria. The conscience has no guilty feelings, see nor see any need for excusing what they do. It is this conscience that blasphemes the Holy Spirit. If one wants to see this type of conscience go visit a maxium security prision like the Red Onion Maximum Security prision in Southwest Virginia.

1 Tim 4:2
2. The Untrained Conscience-
The untrained conscience has never been activated by biblical truth. Therefore those with untrained consciences do not have or have very few guilt feelings, they don’t make excuses for what they do since they don’t know the biblical way in doing things. The conscience is these folks can be remedied by being taught and trained in biblical truth. This conscience can be easily led to depression by reacting improperly to lifes issues.

Rom 1-3

3. The Weak Conscience-

The weak conscience is activated by non biblical criteria. A weak conscience produces guilt feelings for the wrong reasons. These folks could have good standards they live by but have idols in their heart. They may do things for acceptance by God, to be accepted by the Church, to be loved by mom or dad, or in order to get something from God since that “bargained with Him. This conscience can and often is easily led to depression by reacting improperly to lifes issues.

Rom 14:1,2,23
4. A Biblical Conscience-

These folks have a conscience activated by biblical truth. They have proper guilt feelings for the right reasons when they do wrong and sin. They are in the proper position to handle guilt and problems God’s way. These are the people inthe Church that have grown and are called "spiritual" by the Apostle Paul. (Gal 6:1)

2 Tim 3:16-17, 1 Tim. 1:5
Our Prayer:
May God grant us to have a biblically functional conscience by then grace, illumination and dynamic power of the Holy Spirit.


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