Saturday, May 06, 2006

It is with great pleasure that we present to you a poem by one of our internet friends nicknames VelvetyOne. WE do hope you enjoy this wonderful poem:

Amid seven golden candlesticks, seven stars in His nail-scarred hands
With woolen hair, and flaming eyes, there stood the Son of Man
I AM He that lived, died and arose, I AM alive forevermore
I AM the Living Word of God, I AM the Open Door
No other way can man come in, It's written in the Word
Try they may and fall by the way, the message never heard
Falling on deaf ears and blinded eyes, God's Word went everywhere
Man has no excuse, the Bible says, He's caught in Satan's lair
I AM He that was before Abraham, I created all you see
In heaven and earth, my glory shines..throughout eternity
written by: VelvetyOne


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