Wednesday, April 12, 2006

An Explanation For The Sake Of Truth And Unity

An Explanation For Unity


Recently there were some folks that questioned what I stated about “vain discussions” in the area of the impeccability of Christ. For the record I did not state that the doctrine of Christ’s sinlessness was not important. I did refer to a need for Christian apologetic study and to the need for the elders in the Church ensure they are training their parishioners in this area. The real thing that I was wanting to say on the blog was that many times discussing established issues amongst Christians is just babbling since the Bible states he did not sin.

..Concerning the statement “It was possible that Jesus, being God, could have sinned since being omnipotent he had the power to perform any particular act. As a person Jesus has such a character that would be morally impossible for Him to have sinned.” In the blog titled Jesus Had the Power To Sin, But The Character Not To Sin I am just stating that Jesus had power, physically, being man, to “smack” someone if he desired. Now take note that I said He would not have done that. Why? He was sinless (impeccible)! Any Questions?

..Now if there is a question on my understanding of this fundamental doctrine please read the entire post and note that I posted creedal summaries of the doctrine of Our Sinless Savior. Also please take note that I have also previously posted on this blog these postings that mention the impeccability of Christ:.

Christ the LordThe Baptism of our Sinless Savior


Finally my concern was and still is that in many of these discussions lead to sin. So I stated, “Paul stated in the Pastorals to “shun profane and vain babblings: for they will increase unto more ungodliness.” Believe me ungodliness does increase when Christians get together to ponder these “deep” questions. I will give some examples later. …… Then later I stated :"In these type of discussions sin increases for some state one opinion and one another. Some I hear calling one person a heretic and another one gets mad........... It seem to me that a hold could be put on the discussion, and if some need to discuss it, take time for the purpose of truly studying the issue then come back and “share” what you have found in your personal study and in the official doctrine of the Church through the solid covenants and studies of your ministers. Our prayer needs to be for patience and unity and discipline and time to set aside to come together and encourage one another. Don’t vain babble and sin. Ok!".

.Let’s face it …. it happens. If you don’t believe me read the posts at other forums that have followed. It is very seldom, if ever, that one can state in word or by pen a full and complete explanation of every detail in a discussion. Even debates and books end! Because of this people have a tendency to get “heated” which generally means sin comes into the picture. I therefore take the position that the doctrine is stated as best as can be and has been documented in summary from the scripture for us to know and to hold to. So mature Christians (all “Christians” on Pal Talk are mature/ haha!) do not need to discuss the issue. Now I understand personal discipleship but lets face it that it does not get done most of the time in many forums. So lets be wise and not sin. IF the folks we talk to are going to bible believing churches send them there if there is a question. After all they have ordained men to administer the Word to them. This is God’s way and will protect us from falling into sin through heated discussions. ……………STEVE


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