Monday, April 10, 2006


Announcement Release

Starting this week the blogsites Doctrines of Grace at and Christianthotsataglance at will merge together due to the excellence in format, focus and message as well as its popularity the blogsite Doctrines of Grace name will be retained.

This merger is desired for two reasons: 1. The owner of Christianthotsataglance has health problems that is making it difficult to continue to post Biblical teaching and instruction as frequently as is needed. 2. Doctrines of Grace, being one of like mind in focusing on Practical Christian Living makes the merger a perfect fit.

It is our desire that you continue to visit, read and learn from this great blogsite. We want to give many thanks to you, the readers of these blogs for your past and continued support and encouragement.

As always our mission and purpose of this blog is for encouragement, instruction and growth in Practical Christian Living. It has been our pleasure to hear from many of the readers of these blogs concerning your growth in the faith and the blessings being received of the Lord in your lives being changed as you applied these Biblical truths, May God continue to bless this as we continue to stand on Sola Scriptura and the sufficiency of God and His holy scripture.

We will seek to keep you updated regarding a reasonable and and systematic outline for anyone that a.) desires to read the site in a systematic manner, b.) is interested in a topic, or c.) is struggling with some sin or issue in your life. The titles of the blogs will allow you to easily go to the top of each blog page and at the search bar query the information you are needing.

Finally, we ask for your prayers that we may continue to bring biblically practical, relevant, and doctrinal subjects to the site faithfully and also that God will be pleased to continue to bless this labor of love to the Church universal.


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