Thursday, April 13, 2006

Did You Know--- Are You Shocked?

Did You Know --- Are You Shocked?
I am disturbed about some "conversations" I have had lately with good lovely born-again (is there any other kind?) Christians concerning the call of God to the office of pastors / teachers. Many ( Presbyterians, Baptists, Reformed Baptists, Historical baptists, Lutherans, Independants, etc.) do not view a pastor call as God's appointing and calling and "anointing"!
It seems that they believe that the priesthood of all beleivers gives any man that wants it the call to go into the ministry. They do not discuss the admonistration of the keys of the kingdom. It seems that a lack of love for Christ's Bride, lack of teaching, the degeneration of churchmen, increased modernism, bad church experiences is taking a toll.
I AM SHOCKED !!!!! Are you? Please let us know what you think!


At 8:00 AM, Blogger Reformation Truth said...

Warnings against wrongful entry into the ministry

1. Schism and apostasy.

The willful and obstinate man (or, as indicative of further apostasy today, woman) who endeavors to entry the ministry without due calling from above is acting upon his own impulses or upon the will of the people.

His credentials will be merely human; he has no backing from the Lord and being thus unqualified, he is easy prey to Satan, the deceiver of souls, to work apostasy through him. If the man was obstinate enough to start running when the Lord has not bidden him so, how much easier will it be for him to perform and do things contrary to the Word, as did Jeroboam (1 Kings 13:33-34).

2. An uncalled man is so dangerous in the ministry, whatever his academic qualifications might be.

The sorry thing today is that most churches accept a man on the evidence of his diplomas and degrees, which is merely the world's measure. I am not casting a shadow upon the importance of studying the Word, far from it; the minister is meant to be fully approved in this sense, to be a real scholar, but after all is said and done, mere intellect is not enough, if the man does not enjoy the anointing. Entering the pulpit at your own volition will lead you to adopt worldly standards or accommodate the Truth of God when pressured to do so. And pressures will come, constantly and persistently.

As an aside, let me say that 2 weeks ago I preached on stewardship and the Christian's obligation to give his tithes and offerings to the Lord. A man and his wife have just withdrawn from the church on hearing this; and they have been attending for many years. Shall I thus lower the standards? No.

3. An uncalled man has no authority.

Oh yes, he will probably have denominational authority, but the godly minister craves above all things to be endued with power from above. The real and inherent authority belongs to Jesus Christ, and it should be from him that the preacher receives his authority.

4. The uncalled man flies in the face of established authority in the church of God.

The Lord desires that his people will function together with orderliness, not in confusion and "everybody doing what is good in his own eyes." But the uncalled man is such a person; he does not properly regard the church and the authority vested to her.

5. The hireling (as the Good Shepherd called him, John 10) will run when he sees the wolf coming, and the wolf will scatter the sheep.

"All who have come before me are thieves and robbers." They care nothing for the sheep. Milton complained about the situation in his day, "The hungry sheep look up and are not fed" (Lycidas). It so happens that the hireling will sound in people's ears what they want to hear, not what the Lord commands to be proclaimed (cf. 2 Timothy 4:1ff). Thus, when times of stress arrive, the hireling will not be found.

On the contrary, the caring shepherd will remain, for better or for worse. "Therefore, having received this ministry, we faint not."

6. The uncalled person has no promises on which to lean and feed his own soul.

God guarantees his comforting presence and power only to those whom He knows. Cf. Exodus 4:12; Isaiah 6:7-8; John 20:21. Through thick and thin, the true minister will survive for his soul thrives upon the gracious promises of God. (It does not mean, though, that the true minister will not experience periods of depression and disappointments, such as Elijah and Paul did. Paul despaired even of life, 2 Corinthians 1; but through this trail he learned all the more to trust in God who raises the dead).

7. The great and all-embracing purpose of the ministry is to extol God's Name and that, in calling the church and sanctifying it, all would redound to his own glory, in the exhibition of his grace and wisdom. Now the church is made up of people who are obedient to Christ. Obedience is the ultimate proof of our love to Christ. "If you love me, keep my commandments." One of his commandments is that only those who are ordained by the Holy Spirit (Acts 20) are to be committed with the charge of his own people.

But the uncalled man hardly shows this love to the Lord, for his is acting not out of obedience but out of his own whims.


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