Saturday, March 03, 2007

A Brief on Creedal Need Within The Church of Christ

In May of 2006 the blog Doctrines of Grace did a 5 part writing on Sola Scriptura. within that reformed writing it is stated that Sola Scriptura pertains to both Doctrine and Practice.
Since creeds are a part of the scripturesthey then must be used in the church therefore, the church must use them! And as we all know history bears out that all churches do use creeds. Now they are only as authortative as the Bible if they are in line with the teaching of the Bible in Doctrine and in Practice.

The Biblical Function of the Leaders Within the Church Confirm That The Church Is and Must Be A Creedal and Confessional Church!

"Sadly some faith groups, many "pastors" and Christians reject the biblical practice of creeds and confessions however the reality is that throughout Biblical history God's people needed and used creedal and confessional statements. The Bible is the only rule of faith and practice. Confessions and creeds are a biblical practice and supports our beloved Scripture alone doctrine and never usurps the authority of the Scripture. It is a biblical tool used for the summarization of the major doctrines of the Bible revealing how the Church understands the Bible in such things as the Knowledge of God, Man, Salvation, Sanctification in redemption, the Church and Her function, the return of our Lord, etc..

There is a real need of the creeds and confessions to be used in the Church and in the practice of its members for several reasons.

  • First, with them we can determine the principal doctrines guiding "faith and church groups".
  • Secondly, they help in giving us a written defense of the faith so that we can stand against the ever shifting religious fads in our day.
  • Thirdly, they direct us to the scriptures to further understand their teaching so that all of our opinions and actions can be directed and judged by them.
  • Fourthly, the leaders in the Church are bound to the truth of the scripture that has been expressly set down in the creeds and confessions. It keeps them united and protects them from subverting the doctrines of the faith. And finally, they serve in showing a unified Church since they show that She shares a set of beliefs in the effort to defend the faith.


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This is RIGHT on. Thanx Steve.


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