Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A Selfish Blog - Prayers and Giving Requested.

A few (possibly derranged) people have accused me of being selfish in doing this blog. Anyone who reads the blogs will see this is not so. The stated purpose of the blog and the writings of the blog are in live. HOWEVER TODAY IN THIS BLOG THOSE ACCUSERS ARE CORRECT! I AM SELFISHLY ASKING FOR PRAYER AND DONATIONS! PLEASE READ ON. I also ask tht each person that owns or admins a room on Paltalk or any other chat program advertise this all through the day and night.

This is a note to my many friends as well as all that read this blogsite: I had my latest CT scan read and it was not all good. There are new tumors. The posted e-mail below is a great asessment of the characteristic of this disease. So two pray requests I have for you:

1) pray that the Lord gives me peace and that I continue to recognize his will in all of this.

2) That I continue to grow in the faith through these more difficult days as I work with doctors and othere to get more information.

I said 2 but may I add one more prayer request? Here it is:

3) Pray for money for more research. Perhaps you can give. This cancer is called an orphan (rare cancer) and agrant money does not get given to this type of cancer (s) for research. If private donations are not given for research it just does not get done.

Here is our website for more information on this cancer and what has beeen accomplished.

For donation information : Please give.

The Character of this Beastly Disease:

From: Karen
Subject: GIST's (type of cancer) Personality

In a message dated 5/3/2006 12:09:29 AM Eastern Standard Time, Bev wrote:

GIST is a fairly rare sarcoma, and it have behavioral issues, kind of like a teenager. You never know what it's going to do, or what outfit it may show up in, or if it's going to wreck the family car, or behave like an angel and call for a ride home, suddenly decide it wants piercings, or wants to take a nap for a few months.


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