Saturday, May 20, 2006

PMS Control is Biblical .... Any Questions?

PMS Control is Biblical …. Any Questions?

I remember one day a lady friend of the family was visiting at our home when she stated to my wife and I that when she was “PMSing” she sure gave her “husband a difficult time”. During this time she felt badly and would fuss and get angry often. She said that he “knew to watch out and leave her alone and not to bother her” during this time.

I then asked her, “Do you treat everyone in this same manner as you do your husband during these days.” She said, “No.” I then asked if she treated the person at the check out line at the grocery store in that manner? Again her answer was, “No”.

Next I then shared that her anger and difficulty toward her husband, even while PMSing, was not acceptable before the Lord and shared that the Lord desired her to love her husband and that she was to put off the fussing and anger during these PMS days. It was discussed and recognized that the body did go through changes that caused discomfort during this time however that was no excuse to treat the husband in such a sinful manner.

It also was pointed out to her that she clearly showed that she could control any outbursts of anger during this PMS time and that she did so with the people at the store and with other people. Women for a godly response to this you must therefore “put off” the “old self” and “put on” a renewed mind so as not to “grieve the Holy Spirit of God”, by being kind and tenderhearted. You see “A fool gives full vent to his spirit, but a wise man (woman) quietly holds it back.” (Pro 29:11) and “The discretion of a man (woman) deferreth his (her) anger; and it is his (her) glory to pass over a transgression.” (Pro 19:11)


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